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About Us

Prime Legal Councel is a commercial law firm dedicated to providing first-rate comprehensive legal services to individuals and corporate entities that operate in the Middle East.
With an innovative approach and an exceptional team of lawyers, we are uniquely positioned to help our clients with their most complex legal issues across the Region.

Our Firm provides first-rate comprehensive legal services in Lebanon and the Middle East.

Who We Are

The firm is known for handling high-profile cases and solving complex legal issues by combining deep academic insights with superior practical efficiency.

We have adopted state of the art systems for the delivery of legal services and implemented a modern business model that adheres to the highest international standards while still taking into account the specificities of the Middle East.

This new structure has allowed us to expand our practices and to service local and international clients by relying on a team of highly-skilled experts that have over 40 years of experience in corporate, real estate and transactional matters as well as mediation, arbitration and litigation.

With a unique approach and a superior team of lawyers, we offer strategic and effective representation for individual and corporate clients who operate in the Middle East and to international companies who do business in the region.

Our Team

Impactful results can only be achieved by combining knowledge and experience.

As such, we have put together a unique team of lawyers that includes some of the most experienced practitioners and brightest legal minds in the Middle East.

With over 15 years of experience, all of our attorneys are renowned specialists in their respective fields and have proven their ability to deliver indisputable results in a complex regional legal landscape.

We pride ourselves on our academic approach that enables us to successfully tackle complicated legal matters that involve multiple jurisdictions and provide innovative solutions in the absence of legal precedent.

What Sets Us Apart


We aim to set the gold standard for providing legal services in the MENA Region.
Here is what sets us apart:

Elite team

Our team is able to successfully tackle the most complicated legal matters and provide innovative solutions in the absence of legal precedent.


With over 15 years of experience, our firm has the knowledge and resources to deliver indisputable results in a complex regional legal landscape.

Proactive lawyers who are not afraid to try a case

Our lawyers use a proactive approach that allows them to anticipate potential legal problems. They provide aggressive representation by making every attempt to resolve a case and are ready to fight for you when all other reasonable means have been exhausted.


We pride ourselves on our quick response to calls and requests and we strive to improve our response rate to better serve our clients. We track every request and use some of the most advanced methods of communication in order to provide our clients with a response within 24 hours.

International Standards combined with Local Expertise

We provide top quality legal services in accordance with international standards while taking into account local rules and practices. All our lawyers are trilingual and work fluently in Arabic, French and English in order to provide the most appropriate legal advice to local and international clients.

Flexible fees

We offer tailored pricing and alternative fee arrangements that are designed to reduce fees and provide transparency into the cost of our legal services. Our team is committed to providing value-based legal services. We work without unnecessary delays and aim to minimize legal costs.

In-depth legal analysis

Beyond simply reciting legal rules to our clients, we leverage our academic knowledge of the law and extensive experience to provide in-depth legal analysis that ensures informed and strategic decision-making.