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Legal Prime Counsel


"An Established Reputation as a Market Leader in Dispute Resolution". - The Legal 500

We have a long track record of achieving success and an unequaled reputation for finding creative solutions. Our attorneys have successfully represented clients in numerous domestic and international cases and have secured wins in all types of legal proceedings.

Our litigation practice covers a wide range of areas including: contracts, commercial agencies & franchises, banking & finance, commercial, medical, transport, insurance, family law, inheritance, real estate and construction.

Our lawyers have rights of audience before Lebanese courts and our litigation team works in close connection with our other departments in order to ensure the highest degree of coordination and specialized representation across all our practice areas and sectors.

Unparalleled Local Expertise

Our success is rooted in a deep understanding of the procedural rules and practices of local courts across Lebanon. For over 15 years, the firm has successfully filed claims and defended clients in front of judiciary, criminal and administrative courts. We have acquired a unique set of skills that have proven to generate overwhelmingly positive results and that are being taught to all our junior lawyers aspiring to pursue a career in litigation within the firm.

With a vast local knowledge and an experienced team of litigators, we provide our clients with aggressive representation that generates big wins.

Far-Reaching Global Network

Our firm handles some of the most complex proceedings across several jurisdictions. We collaborate with some of the best law firms in the Middle East on several international cases and have established a global network spanning across multiple countries. This network allows us to handle international proceedings with precise coordination and provides us with the technical expertise and capability to conduct all types of litigation in different countries.

Our team of multilingual lawyers is uniquely equipped to handle transnational court cases and frequently collaborates with law firms set up in different jurisdictions. We leverage our innovative communications technology to facilitate communications between lawyers and to securely transfer data to our correspondents without delay.

Specialists of Tort Disputes

We represent individual consumers, licensed professionals and business entities in settlement negotiations, litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) proceedings involving tort disputes. We have handled numerous high-profile domestic and international tort cases in judicial and arbitral forums throughout the Middle East and our attorneys are Professors of tort law who are considered to be among the foremost authorities in the field.

As plaintiff’s counsel, we use our vast experience to clearly establish liability and pursue claims for maximum financial compensation. As defense counsel, we vigorously dispute liability claims using all available defenses and we use all factual and legal elements to limit liability to the greatest extent possible.

We handle all types of tort-based claims in Lebanon and abroad, including insurance indemnity claims, product liability, professional liability and medical malpractice.

Our litigation services include:

  •  Pre-trial assessments.
  •  Representation for administrative and criminal matters.
  •  Representation for litigation in judiciary courts.
  •  Representation in arbitral proceedings.
  •  Negotiation and drafting of settlements.